A rejected character design and deleted scene from a storyboard... 



We just finished this commercial for NIPSCO (Northern Indiana Public Service Co.) with producer Ross Woods at Scofield Editorial.  It was a really fun project with a great message about things you "shouldn't do blind"...  to raise awareness about calling NIPSCO's 881 number before you go off digging in your yard.

Click here to view the project:  'Don't Dig Blind'


...some samples from a live-action composite hybrid type piece that I just finished working on for Am. Greetings.  It was really fun, since I got to design and build the sets - as well as doing the compositing.  I'll post more details (and a link to the video) once the piece goes live.


...waiting for Soyeon to come home!



old spec work


Some character sketches for a St. Patricks day card-
...and the final artwork-


Some various holiday greetings for 2013...


Some production design for an upcoming project.



Some stills from a new Anniversary card for Am. Greetings.
Click here to view of send the card:  Fox Song
or here to see it at a higher resolution:  Larger Fox Song


A couple of stills from a pitch.  We didn't get the job, but it was fun to make some new illustrations.  It was also a super short turnaround, so we got a little help from our friend, Vanessa Sweet.  She designed the Santa character on the bottom image.  Thanks, VEE

A couple of stills from a 2013 holiday greeting.
Click here to view or send the card:  AG Christmas
Or here to view at a higher resolution: Larger AG Christmas


...an old drawing I found.  On a rock climbing/camping trip with old friends Dave Hedlund and Bronwyn Collins...


Thinking of you...

A personalized "Thinking of you" greeting...

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Or here for a higher resolution...


Art Prints from 'Ahco on The Road' for sale

Exciting news!
Now fine art prints of 'Ahco on The Road' are available for sale.
You can choose any frame you want from the movie, and it will be professionally processed, printed on an archival art paper through the service at the Frame-Factor .

Click Here for the link!