Spec work

some spec work to try and get a job (which we didn't get)... but it was fun to make some new art!



Some stills from a campaign of spots I worked on for Cuties with Bruce McFarlan and Joe Krause.  Bruce directed/animated and Joe created all the artwork while I handled the After Effects animation and compositing.  It was a really fun collaboration!

Click here to see more of Bruce's work!
Click here to see more of Joe's Work!



MAFFY Festival happening from tomorrow, April 20th!  Soyeon put together another great program for the 2nd annual Monterey Bay Art & Film Festival for Youth!  Check it out if you're in the area..



Topaz and Ollie, when Ollie was just a little guy.


A thing I tried out for American Greetings...  all analog (except for the digital photography).  It was fun to step away from the computer for this one!   It's for a Columbus Day postcard, but I think they are going to use it for various occasions (and just change the text)...


Little Prince

"The Little Prince" animated feature has just been released (on Netflix) and I am proud to have had a small part in helping put the titles together!  Kudos to director Mark Osborne, exec. producer Jinko Gotoh, art director Corinne Merrell, and everyone else involved... for taking this on and turning the film into such a beautiful work of art!  Special thanks to Jamie Caliri (creative director of stop-motion) for bringing me in and helping me through the process... and to Alex Juhasz (character designer / production designer) and Anthony Scott (lead animator of stop-motion) for stepping up and creating the artwork that was so much fun to work with.  It was a pleasure to work with all of you!

It was an honor to have been part of this - considering that it has been one of my favorite books since being introduced to it by my friend, Anne-Marie Nguyen-Cisek, while going through a rough time in school.   Oh, and before I forget...  Phil Lockerby did the amazing traditional animation that opens the sequence! ...and EXTRA special thanks to Kunimi Terada (the most gracious host of all time) for letting me crash at her place while this was in production (through Duck Studios) in Los Angeles! 


We got to work together again on this Halloween piece for American Greetings!  ...looking forward to having it released online!  Until then, here are some production stills...


Independence Day

...an Independence Day piece for American Greetings - with dogs!



Our new pup, Ollie - and his best friend Topaz.



...an old design that was made for the Reelworks Animation website (now Rowboat Animation)


Vector Graphics

...a couple of stills from a short animated clip I made as an example for my motion graphics class at CSUMB to illustrate a few ways to take advantage of vector art.


...a new short film idea!


Hula Lizard

...combined forces with my art-director, Jess Williams, on this birthday piece for Am. Greetings.  Jess used C4d to turn my 2d doodles into 3d magic... then she passed me her camera data to finish the composite in AE.  It was a really fun way to work...  and always amazing to see how a 2d sketch translates into a 3d world!



...a doodle of Jenn Branch, at Am. Greetings (and her doggie Tupelo)!