I'm supposed to be working...  but sometimes my mind gets distracted from the task at hand.  In this case, DEVO ("Uglatto") came up in my itunes... so I found myself making a devo-doodle (devoodle?).  Technically, I think the track was before their flower pot hat days?  But I can't imagine them w/out the hats...  Now... back to work!


Belated Greeting

A super short turnaround belated birthday greeting done in a "story-book" style...

Click here:  Belated B-day



A rejected character design and deleted scene from a storyboard... 



We just finished this commercial for NIPSCO (Northern Indiana Public Service Co.) with producer Ross Woods at Scofield Editorial.  It was a really fun project with a great message about things you "shouldn't do blind"...  to raise awareness about calling NIPSCO's 881 number before you go off digging in your yard.

Click here to view the project:  'Don't Dig Blind'


...some samples from a live-action composite hybrid type piece that I just finished working on for Am. Greetings.  It was really fun, since I got to design and build the sets - as well as doing the compositing.  I'll post more details (and a link to the video) once the piece goes live.


...waiting for Soyeon to come home!



old spec work


Some character sketches for a St. Patricks day card-
...and the final artwork-


Some various holiday greetings for 2013...


Some production design for an upcoming project.



Some stills from a new Anniversary card for Am. Greetings.
Click here to view of send the card:  Fox Song
or here to see it at a higher resolution:  Larger Fox Song


A couple of stills from a pitch.  We didn't get the job, but it was fun to make some new illustrations.  It was also a super short turnaround, so we got a little help from our friend, Vanessa Sweet.  She designed the Santa character on the bottom image.  Thanks, VEE

A couple of stills from a 2013 holiday greeting.
Click here to view or send the card:  AG Christmas
Or here to view at a higher resolution: Larger AG Christmas


...an old drawing I found.  On a rock climbing/camping trip with old friends Dave Hedlund and Bronwyn Collins...