...a new short film idea!


Hula Lizard

...combined forces with my art-director, Jess Williams, on this birthday piece for Am. Greetings.  Jess used C4d to turn my 2d doodles into 3d magic... then she passed me her camera data to finish the composite in AE.  It was a really fun way to work...  and always amazing to see how a 2d sketch translates into a 3d world!



...a doodle of Jenn Branch, at Am. Greetings (and her doggie Tupelo)!


Soyeon's new film, "NOIR" is on Vimeo now! 
Check it out here:  NOIR


Twerking farm animals...

Stills from an upcoming birthday piece for American Greetings...  It's not every day that I get to design and animate twerking farm animals!

You can view the card on the American Greetings website now!  


Google test...

...made a fake Google doodle as a test...

...and some other sketches before making the looping gif


...another funky design that I found from a few years back... and would still like to animate it some day...


...an old doodle I found.  It doesn't look like a very fun bike ride.

some stills from a birthday greeting for American Greetings.


'Noir' Interactive exhibition & projection show

Soyeon held an interactive exhibition & projection show with artwork made for the upcoming short, 'Noir' on Jan. 29th at the CSU Monterey Bay Cinematic Arts studio. Here are some pictures from the event.


Soyeon's new film, 'Noir', in progress

Style frames for the new film, 'Noir': a story of a black crow



Darby - Dec. 27, 2014
We are so lucky to have had you in our lives...   Thank you for the great memories, friendship, and adventures!  Rest in peace, dear friend... you were a sweet and gentle soul.  We miss you and love you with all our hearts!

"And when your sorrow is comforted (time soothes all sorrows) you will be content that you have known me.  You will always be my friend."   (Antione De Saint-Exupery)


Happy Holidays 2014


quick doodle

...taking a break from work... watching our oldest dog, Darby, entertain himself with a tennis ball (his favorite thing).


Michael Bolton!

...a couple of months ago - I got to go back to the Am. Greetings studio in L.A. to build a set for an upcoming piece that will feature Michael Bolton!  I can't give away any details, but here are a few images...  I'm really looking forward to seeing/hearing how this all turned out.  It should be pretty funny.  Everything was concepted and designed by Gracie Greenbaum, Berv (Aaron Vattano), and Jenn Branch...  my 'ol creative comrades!