...a little bit about process...

Just for fun - I thought I'd post a little something about process using a quick birthday piece for Am. Greetings.  It represents a fairly typical approach to what goes into the making of these kinds of productions.  In this case, they gave me the basic concept as a starting point… 

Here’s how this one breaks down:
1. Carefully look at what they send, paying special attention to what they call “units”.  1 unit = 1 day of effort… so this project needed to be completed in 10 days or less.  Understanding the scope of the project, in the end, determines how much I can (or should) design and animate within that period.  This is also the time to ask a bunch of questions… to make sure that everyone is on the same page.  At this point, I learn that they would like this project to lean toward a “cute” look…

2. Doodle some ideas, while thinking about potential style and technique… This is also a fun time, because I get to work back and forth with the art director - exchanging ideas to make sure everything stays within scope and fits brand guidelines…  In this case, knowing that the balloon needed to turn into a sun, I suggested a “paper-craft” look… so it would be easier for me to transform it (vs. drawn animation). 

3. Storyboard/Animatic…  in the first pass, we had a bunch of big ideas for the beginning… but quickly realized (in making an animatic) that it would have turned into a much bigger production than what it was supposed to be…  The animatic is my favorite part of the process!  …because it’s a time to try out different music and play with the timings… setting the overall feel of the piece.  Anyway, this is the board we ended up with:

4. Once the boards, animatic, and style frames are approved (at this point, it’s already about 4 or 5 days into things) - it’s time to start prepping artwork and animate!  We also send everything we’ve got to the audio dept. so they can work their magic.

5. As the animation wraps up (and final revisions are made after various meetings and notes) - it’s time to render and build the piece for web (on the Am. Greetings site).   Here’s an example of the kind of revisions that usually need to be made to finesse a project in the end…  They asked for a little more color in the text, and to make sure that the balloon looked more like a “sun” in the end.

6. It’s usually about a day of work to get things ready to go… with generating various thumbnails, running things through Flash, making all the different versions (iPhone, web, reply cards, etc…)…  

7. That’s it!  Happy Birthday!… now on to the next project… 

Here are a couple of links to this one:

Click here to view or send the card on the Am. Greetings site:
Click here for a higher res. version!


some fun design sketches by Soyeon... 


...some samples from a live-action composite hybrid type piece that I just finished working on for Am. Greetings.  It was really fun, since I got to design and build the sets - as well as doing the compositing.  I'll post more details (and a link to the video) once the piece goes live.


a quick photoshop study...


...waiting for Soyeon to come home!



old spec work


'Ahco on the Road' film festival screenings

Here is a list of screenings of 'Ahco on the Road'

Aug. 4:  10th San Diego International Children’s Film Festival (San Diego, California, US)
Aug. 10-12:  6th New Orleans International Children’s Film Festival (New Orleans, Louisiana, US)
Sep. 26-30:  9th Indie-AniFest: Korean Independent Animation Film Festival (Seoul, Korea)
Oct. 2-6:  3rd Days and Nights Festival (Carmel, California, US)
Sep. 1-7:  5th WorldKids International Film Festival (Mumbai, India)
Nov. 14-24:  22nd St. Louis International­ Film Festival (St. Louis, Missouri, US)
Nov. 23-24:  Vancouver Art Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)
Dec. 6-15:  13th Anchorage International Film Festival (Anchorage, Alaska, US)
Dec. 14-15:  LACMA: 9th Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival (Los angeles, California, US)
Dec. 15- Jan. 15:  The Film Skillet Winter 2013/2014 Animation Contest: Finalist

Jan. 23- Feb. 2:  10th Children’s Film Festival Seattle (Seattle, Washington, US)
Jan. 24- Feb. 9: 1st Lisbon Children and Youth Film Festival (Lisbon, Portugal)
Jan. 25-26: USA Film Festival: KidFilm (Dallas, Texas, US)
Jan. 30- Feb. 9: 29th Santa Barbara International Film Festival (Santa Barbara, California, US)
Feb. 1-9:  36th Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival (Clermont-Ferrand, France)
Feb. 13-23: Providence Children Film Festival (Providence, Rhode Island, US)
Feb. 18-23: Big Muddy Film Festival (Carbondale, Illinois, US)
Feb. 20-23: Animac: Mostra Internacional de Cinema d'Animacio de Catalunya (Lleida, Spain)
Feb. 22-23: 16th BAMKids International Film Festival (Brooklyn, New York, US)
Mar. 6-30:  16th  Mecal International Short Film and Animation Festival of Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) 
Mar. 9-14:  18th  Freeze Frame International Film Festival for Kids of All Ages (Winnipeg, Canada)
Apr. 4-11:  16th Reel 2 Real International Film Festival for Youth (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
Apr. 10:  Honolulu Museum of Art (Honolulu, Hawaii, US)
Jun. 1-9: 16th Mo & Friese Hamburg children's Short Film Festival (Hamburg, Germany)


Some character sketches for a St. Patricks day card-
...and the final artwork-


Some various holiday greetings for 2013...


Some production design for an upcoming project.



Some stills from a new Anniversary card for Am. Greetings.
Click here to view of send the card:  Fox Song
or here to see it at a higher resolution:  Larger Fox Song


A couple of stills from a pitch.  We didn't get the job, but it was fun to make some new illustrations.  It was also a super short turnaround, so we got a little help from our friend, Vanessa Sweet.  She designed the Santa character on the bottom image.  Thanks, VEE

A couple of stills from a 2013 holiday greeting.
Click here to view or send the card:  AG Christmas
Or here to view at a higher resolution: Larger AG Christmas


...an old drawing I found.


Thinking of you...

A personalized "Thinking of you" greeting...

Click here to view or send the card!
Or here for a higher resolution...