Fool Throttle, 2004

This is a short film by Todd Hemker & Morgan Williams.
Todd came up with a concept and design for this fun road-rage episode.

Writer/Designer: Todd Hemker
Directors/Animators: Todd Hemker & Morgan Williams
Music and Sound designer: Echo boys
Production company: Reelworks

2004 Minnesota Electronic Theatre 'Best in Show' award
2005 Bronze Remi Award, Houston Int'l Film Festival
2005 Seoul Int'l Cartoon and Animation Festival 'Best of SICAF' national tour

2004 MPR: Minnesota Public Radio inverview with directors (Minneapolis, MN, US)
2004 Minnesota Public Broadcasting Service short film screenings (MN, US)
2004 Rooftop films (New York, NY, US)
2004 The One Show (New York, NY, US)
2004 Worldwide Short Film Festival (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
2004 In flight entertainment (Canadian Airlines)
2004 Square Lake Solstice Festival (Stillwater, MN, US)
2005 Annecy International Animation Festival (Annecy, France)
2005 Nicktoons Film Festival: The "Friends & Enemies" Show (Nicktoons Cable network)
2005 Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival (Seoul, Korea)
2005 Houston Int'l Film Festival (Houston, TX, US)

Talk about stylish and retro, filmmakers Todd Hemker and Morgan Williams really come off the line fast with Fool Throttle. Admittedly macabre, Fool Throttle is a cautionary tale that, according to these filmmakers from Minneapolis-based ReelWorks, offers a message of peace. The project started as simply 'quirky eye candy' bumpers for the commercial house’s demo reel. In the storyboard phase, exec producer Audrey Robinson Favorito challenged Hemker and Williams to take their scooter character to the next level and make it a real story. The filmmakers explain, "We drew inspiration from Dr. Seuss’s The Butter Battle Book. We liked how there is no clear innocent or guilty party in The Butter Battle, and how the entire conflict escalates over nothing but a matter of taste. Fool Throttle’s story of road rage is a bit like The Butter Battle, an innocent misunderstanding that leads to pointless aggression." As we all know, pointless aggression makes for really good cartoons!

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