Madagascar2 -end credit animation

Todd recently worked on the end credit animation for Dreamworks' feature film, Madagascar 2, as an Animation Director/ Lead Animator.

Client: Dreamworks Animation
Production Studio: Duck Studios
Executive Producer: Mark Medernach
Line Producer: Dan Ridgers
Director: Jamie Caliri
Animation Director / Lead Animator:  Todd Hemker
Puppet Designer: Megan Brain
Prop & Background Artist: Pablo Grande
Storyboard & Background Artist: Alex Juhasz
Animators: Blake Robertson, Hsin-I Tseng, Scott Kravitz, Evan James, Jinna Kim, Jan Chen, Hsinping Pan, Yorico Murakami

Movie clip
Movie clip & Article (via submarinechannel.com Forget the film, watch the titles)

meganbrain blog (You can see some of her puppets made for Madagascar2)

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