The Park at the MOA: Halloween spot 'The Drive'

There is a biggest indoor shopping mall in Minnesota, called 'Mall of America'.
Well... you must know that... about 6 months of the year in Minnesota are winter -30, -40 low sometimes... that leaves very few things to do! One of which... is 'shopping'
This spot was made for Halloween for 'The Park at the Mall of America'.

Production notes: (more to come soon!)
Characters and environment elements are designed on sketchbook. Shapes are traced in Illustrator, and textures are created traditionally by painting using acrylic and watercolor paint, which are applied to the designed elements in Photoshop.
All characters and environments are composited and animated in After Effects.

Director/Designer: Todd Hemker
Lead Animator/Designer/Painter: Soyeon Kim
Costume Designer: Jessica Grimshaw
Assistant Animator: Jaejung Ahn
Music and Sound Designer: Echo Boys
Production studio: Reelworks

2006 Anicomm Award (10 best animated commercials selected by Animation Magazine)
2006 'Best Professional' Award, Minnesota Electronic Theatre
2009 'Best Commissioned Film', KAFI: Kalamazoo Animation Festival International

2006 Minnesota Elctronic Theatre (Minneapolis, US)
2008 Anim'est (Bucharest, Romania)
2009 Tehran International Animation Festival (Tehran, Iran)
2009 KAFI: Kalamazoo Animation Festival International (Kalamazoo, US)
2009 SICAF: Seoul Int'l Cartoon & Animation Festival (Seoul, Korea)
2010 Citrus Cel Animation Film Festival (Jacksonville, FL, US)


Movie clip
YELLOWSHED website under animation
no fat clips! (direct link to movie)

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