Plato's Closet campaign, 2004

These are designs for the campaign of 3 commercial ad for 'Plato's Closet'- second hand store mostly for teens and early 20's.
First two designs are final art direction, 3 designs below are from development.

Director: Bruce McFarlan
Art Director/Designer: Soyeon Kim
Animator: Soyeon Kim, Todd Hemker, Morgan Williams, Aaron Brudvig
Digital Ink and Paint: Thom Waters
Production studio: Reelworks animation

 Covering a short film 'Fool throttle' and commercial campaign, 'Plato's Closet' 

 Oct 1, 2004 article: 'Hot Spots' features 'Couch' spot from 'Plato's Closet' campaign

 'Limo' spot from 'Plato's Closet' campaign: article available only for registered subscribers

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