'Sweetie' for Ocean Spray, 2001

The first project that Todd & Soyeon worked together was Ocean Spray's 'Sweetie' juice. Grapefruit juice made for kids.  The product didn't actually make to the final sale, for, I was told, there weren't much consumer responses to the product. But working on the spot itself was surly a lot of fun.
Art direction was based on the style of children's doodles drawn on notepads using crayons. Both of us brought out big sketchpads and scribbled around... feeling like going back in time when we were 5~6 year old, playing around with crayons...

Here are some initial sketches and designs for the spot.

Director: Bruce McFarlan
Lead designer/Painter: Soyeon Kim
Designer/Animator: Todd Hemker
Production studio: Reelworks

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