Todd's animation 'Seven Corners'

Todd made Seven Corners in 2001 as his thesis film from California Institute of the Arts.
Seven Corners is a place where the smaller moments of city life illustrate the rhythm of a day. Featuring an old couple searching for lunch, commuters waiting for a train, a chain-smoking musician, and some pigeons....

Best Animation, 2009 Arizona Underground Film Festival

2001 May 10 CalArts Experimental Animation Showcase (LA, US)
2001 Oct 18-21 Ottawa Student International Animation Festival (Ottawa, Canada)
2001 Mar. 22-27 Stuttgart Animation Festival (Stuttgart, Germany)
2002 Apr. 4-18 Philadelphia Film Festival (Philadelphia, PA, US)
2002 Jun. 18-21 A+A Architecturanimation (Lleida, Spain)
2003 MNTV broadcast on Twin Cities Public Television (Minnesota, US)
2009 Sep. 20-25 Arizona Underground Film Festival (Tucson, AZ, US)
2010 Apr. 29 Kansas City Art Institutes (Kansas City, MO, US)
2010 Jul. 15 Gallery of Animation (Long Beach, CA, US)

Movie clip link via nofatclips.com

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