Art of the Title: Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs

End credit sequence for the Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, is featured in Art of the Title website.


Cloudy With A Chance of Meatball: end title sequence

YELLOWSHED (Todd Hemker & Soyeon Kim) directed the end credit sequence for the Sony's new feature animation 'Cloudy With A Chance of Meatball'.

We had the most fun working with such talented artists, and truly grateful for the wonderful opportunity that we had...

Credits for the end title sequence:

Clients: Sony Pictures
Production Studio: DUCK Studios
Executive Producer: Mark Medernach
Producer: Daniel Ridgers

Directors: YELLOWSHED (Todd Hemker & Soyeon Kim)
Designers: Justin K.Thompson, Paul Rudish, Chris Mitchell, Soyeon Kim, Michael Kurinsky
Lead Animators: Morgan Williams, Soyeon Kim, Todd Hemker
Animators: Hsin-Ping Pan, Hsin-I Tseng
Effect Artist: Jesse Gregg
Image Prep Artist: Jinna Kim
Todd Hemker, Erik Tillmans, Richard Ramazinski, Jesse Gregg
Technical Directors: Blake Robertson, Erik Tillmans, Richard Ramazinski

View Duck Studios Press Release:

View the posting from Cartoonbrew.com



A shooting star leads into the sky...
The clip is now posted on yellowshed website under Animation

Directors/Designers/Animators: YELLOWSHED
Painter: Soyeon Kim
Compositor: Todd Hemker
Production Assistants/Painters: Alex Rico, Steve Eat
Music Composer: Walter Santucci
Producer: Mark Medernach
Production Company: Duck Studios

Film Festival Screenings:
2009 Oct 2-11 Anim'est (Bucharest, Romania)
2011 Apr. 7-10  Cartoons on the Bay: International Panorama (Roma, Italy)
2012 Apr. 9-14 Anirmau (Lalin, Spain)

Frito Lays Ad campaign won an AWARD!

Frito Lays Ad campaign that Soyeon worked on as an illustrator, was recognized among 8,000+ entries as one of winners in this year's American Graphic Design Awards, promoted by Graphic Design USA Magazine.

Soyeon illustrated all individual elements: 4 chips, 7 dips. The Marketing Arm put the final layouts together with their witty words, based on the concept of 'Cart Talkers', which were displayed inside the shopping carts in grocery markets nationwide.
I couldn't find a grocery market nearby that carried the illustrations, but art director, Leonard Santos kindly sent me some pics from a store in Texas!
More illustration samples can be viewed here:

Client: Frito Lays Dips
Agency: The Marketing Arm (Dallas, Texas)
Creative Director: Chris Bohlin
Copywriter: Matt Christensen
Art Director: Leonard Santos
Illustrator: Soyeon Kim

Animation for Keith Urban ACM Award

A country singer, Keith Urban played a performance for his new song 'Kiss A Girl' in 2009 ACM Awards.
YELLOWSHED made an animated clip for the show (only the part with 'V' shape birds flying over the cityscapes, not 3d flying camera or any other live action footage). This animation was also used as an intro for the music video, which is followed by the main sequence directed by Richard Borge. Richard created unique look by using combination of photographic characters and illustrated background elements.

Keith Urban 2009 ACM Awards 'Kiss A Girl' Performance Video

Directors/Designers: YELLOWSHED (Soyeon Kim & Todd Hemker)
Animator: Soyeon Kim
Assistant Animators/Production Artists: Kristen Allen, Alex Martinez, Steve Eat, Alex Rico
Compositors: Todd Hemker, Jesse Gregg
Executive Producer: Mark Medernach
Producer: Daniel Ridgers
Production: Duck Studios


Todd's film, "Murphy's Short's"

Todd recently completed his short film, Murphy's Short's -

Originally set up to be the first in a series of shorts about "Murphy's Laws of the Universe," this film pokes fun at a boy who is very impressed with himself. In a sense, it was structured like an Aesop’s Fable, where there is a simple story with a clearly stated message. Perhaps in this case it might be that he who laughs first, cries hardest at the last?

This animated short was intended for an audience of all ages.

Directed by Todd Hemker
Artwork by Todd Hemker & Soyeon Kim
Music composed by Tim Samoff
Sound by Tommy Lindquist and Lucas Pedersen
Produced by YELLOWSHED & Reelworks

Visit YELLOWSHED for the movie clip!
www.yellowshed.com > Animation > Murphy's Shorts

Best Animation: Wildwood Film Festival
Audience Choice Award for Best Film in the Family Animation: Reno Film Festival

Film Festival Screenings:

2009 Oct. 26-Nov. 1  Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film (Leipzig, Germany)
2009 Oct. 22  Square Lake Solstice Film Festival (Stillwater, MN, US)
2009 Dec. 4  Minnesota Electronic Theatre (Minneapolis, MN, US)
2010 Feb. 22-28 Mar 1-7  Animac (Lleida, San Sebastian, Spain)
2010 Feb. 26  The Epiphany Children's Film Festival (NY, NY, US)
2010 Apr. 1-4  Dawson City Int'l Short Film Festival (Dawson City, Canada)
2010 Apr. 2-4  San Francisco Int'l Children's Film Festival (SF, CA, US)
2010 Apr. 9-11  Citrus Cel Animation Festival (Jacksonville, FL, US)
2010 Apr. 29-May 6  Los Angeles United Film Festival (LA, CA, US)
2010 Apr. 30-May 1  Wildwood Film Festival (Menasha, WI, US)
2010 May 5-10  360/365 George Eastman House Film Festival (Rochester, NY)
2010 Jun. 10-12  Foursite Film Festival (Ogden, UT, US)
2010 Jun. 10-13  Int'l Short Film Festival Detmold (Detmold, Germany)
2010 Jun. 13-20  Reno Film Festival (Reno, NV, US)
2010 Jun. 16-27  Edinburgh Int'l Film Festival (Scotland, UK)
2010 Jun. 22-26  Nickel Independent Film Festival (St. John’s, NL, Canada)
2010 Jun. 24-27  Detroit Windsor Int'l Film Festival (Detroit, MI, US)
2010 Jun. 27-Jul. 18  Jersey Shore Film Festival (Deal, NJ, US)
2010 Jul. 9-18  Long Island Int'l Film Expo (Long Island, NY, US)
2010 Jul. 15-Oct. 15  Kids First! Film Festival (Santa Fe, NM, US)
2010 Jul. 25-Aug. 15  San Diego Children's Film Festival (San Diego, CA, US)
2010 Aug. 11-15  Washougal Int'l Film Festival (Washougal, WA, US)
2010 Sep. 26- Oct. 3  SoCal Independent Film Festival (Huntington Beach, CA, US)
2010 Oct. 12-16  Biennail of Animation Bratislava (Bratislava, Slovakia)
2010 Oct. 13-17  Forum for Int'l Animation Stockholm (Stockholm, Sweden)
2010 Oct. 22-27  Banjaluka Int'l Animated Film Festival (Banjaluka, Bosna/Hercegovina) 
2010 Oct. 25-31  Tindirindis Int'l Animation Festival (Vilnius, Lithuania)
2010 Nov. 10-13  Red Stick Int'l Animation Festival (Baton Rouge, LA, US)
2010 Nov. 11-14  Cucalorus Film Festival (Wilmington, NC, US)
2010 Nov. 20-28  El Meu Primer Festival (Barcelona, Spain)
2010 Dec. 3-12  Int'l Festival of Animation Arts Multivision (St. Petersburg, Russia)
2010 Dec. 6-15  Animateka Int'l Animation Film Festival (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
2010 Dec. 16-19  Istanbul Animation Festival (Istanbul, Turkey)
2011 Jan. 28-Feb. 6  Seattle Int'l Children's Film Festival (Seattle, WA, US)
2011 Feb. 18-22  Providence Int'l Children's Film Festival (Providence, RI, US)
2011 Mar 2-6  Durango Independent Film Festival (Durango, CO, US)
2011 Mar.26 -Apr. 17  Redcat Int'l Children's Film Festival (LA, CA, US)
2011 Apr. 1-3  Wonder Con (SF, CA, US)
2011 Apr. 1-7  Animabasauri 7 Animabasque (Bilbao, Spain)
2011 Apr. 7-17  Sarasota Film Festival (Sarasota, FL, US)
2011 My 17-21  Barcelona Int'l FICTS Festival (Barcelona, Spain)
2011 June~  Little Big Shots (Sydney & traveling cities, Australia)
2011 Jul. 1-3  Fest Anca (Bratislava, Slovak Republic)  
2011 Jul. 30-Aug. 6  Woods Hole Film Festival (Woods Hole, MA, US)  
2011 Jul. 31-Aug. 6  Supertoon Festival (Zagreb, Croatia)
2011 Aug. 10  Martha's Vineyard Film Festival (Chilmark, MA, US)
2011 Aug. 11-13 Hyart Film Festival (Lovell, WY, US)
2011 Sep. 7-30  Mumia-Underground World Animation Festival (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)
2011 Nov. 4-13  Asheville Int'l Children's Film Festival (Asheville, NC, US)  

Soyeon's film, 'Transparent Movement'

The film was made using various film & animation techniques, including cut-out, paint-on-cel, rotoscope, photo montage & live action. Music was composed by Tim Samoff.

Synopsis: A series of moving images created from various composites of human silhouettes.

Best Experimental Film: Connecticut Film Festival
2nd Place in Experimental Film: Twin Rivers Media Festival

Film Festival Screenings:
AniFest (Trebon/ Teplice, Czech Republic) May  1-4
Kalamazoo Animation Festival Int'l (Kalamazoo, MI, US) May 14-17
Twin Rivers Media Festivals (Asheville, NC, US) May 29-31
In The Palace Short Film Festival (Balchik, Bulgaria) Jun. 20-27
Anima Mundi (Sao Paulo/Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Jul. 10-26
Square Lake Solstice Film Festival (Stillwater, MN, US) Aug. 15
The Rome International Film Festival (Rome, GA, US) Sep. 11-12
Indie-AniFest (Seoul, Korea) Sep. 17-22
California Int'l Animation Festival (Riverbank, CA, US) Sep. 27
Moving Image Film Festival (Toronto, ON, Canada) Oct. 16-18
High Desert Shorts Int'l Film Festival (Pahrump, NV, US) Nov. 6-7
Olympia Film Festival (Olympia, WA, US) Nov. 6-14
Anchorage Int'l Film Festival (Anchorage, AL, US) Dec. 4-17
Dam Short Film Festival (Boulder City, NV, US) Feb. 10-13
Big Muddy Film Festival (Carbondale, MI, US) Feb. 19-28
Lake County Film Festival (Grayslake, IL, US) Mar. 3-8
Davis Film Festival (Davis, CA, US) Mar. 11-13
Citrus Cel Animation Festival (Jacksonville, FL, US) Apr. 9-11
The Kansas City FilmFest (Kansas City, MO, US) Apr. 14-18
Griffon Int'l Film Festival (St. Joseph, MO, US) Apr. 19-23
Delta int'l Film and Video Festival (Cleveland, MS, US) Apr. 21-23
On Location: Memphis Int'l Film Fest (Memphis, TN, US) Apr. 22-25
Kansas City Art Institutes (Kansas City, MO, US) Apr. 29
The Connecticut Film Festival (Danbury, CT, US) May 4-9
Talking Pictures Festival (Evanston, IL, US) May 7-9
Artfest Film Festival (Harrisburg, PA, US) May 28-31
Gallery of Animation (Long Beach, CA, US) Jul. 15
Asian American Int'l Film Festival (NY, NY, US) Jul. 15-24
Asian Film Festival of Dallas (Dallas, TX, US) Jul. 23-29
Washougal Int'l Film Festival (Washougal, WA, US) Aug. 11-15
Landlocked Film Festival (Iowa City, IA, US) Aug. 26-29
Rappahannock Inde Film Festival (Fredericksburg, VA, US) Aug. 26-29
Sydney Underground Film Festival (Sydney, Australia) Sep. 9-11
Commffest Community Film Festival (Toronto, Canada) Sep. 22-27
Great Lakes Int'l Film Festival (Erie, PA, US) Sep. 22-29
SoCal Independent Film Festival (Hungtington Beach, CA, US) Sep. 26-Oct. 3
GIAA Festival of Short Films & Videos (Manhattan, NY, US) Oct. 1-3
The Flint Film Festival (Flint, MI, US) Oct. 15-16
Banjaluka Int'l Animated Film Festival (Banjaluka, Bosna/Hercegovina) Oct. 22-27
Directors Circle Festival of Shorts (Erie, PA, US) Nov. 8-12
-Nominated for the 'Best Experimental Film'
Red Rock Film Festival (St. George, UT, US) Nov. 11-14
Poppy Jasper Film Festival (Morgan Hill, CA, US) Nov. 12-14


Museum spots won AWARDS!

The first museum spot, 'Eden' by YELLOWSHED in 2007, won two Gold Addy Awards.

We were also informed that both 'Eden', and 'Dinosaurs' won 2008 Telly Awards!

Both commercials have been selected for official competitions in various Int'l Animation Film Festivals and shown around the world.

YELLOWSHED is very honored by the recognition and to have been part of this campaign!


Opening Title Sequence for 'Sloppy Joe'

Soyeon created an opening title sequence for 'Sloppy Joe', PSA campaign about 'responsible drinking' for California State University Long Beach, where Soyeon teaches animation.

The campaign was created by Aubry Mintz, fellow teacher at CSULB, who directed the main animation sequence. For more information, visit its official website.