Todd's film, "Murphy's Short's"

Todd recently completed his short film, Murphy's Short's -

Originally set up to be the first in a series of shorts about "Murphy's Laws of the Universe," this film pokes fun at a boy who is very impressed with himself. In a sense, it was structured like an Aesop’s Fable, where there is a simple story with a clearly stated message. Perhaps in this case it might be that he who laughs first, cries hardest at the last?

This animated short was intended for an audience of all ages.

Directed by Todd Hemker
Artwork by Todd Hemker & Soyeon Kim
Music composed by Tim Samoff
Sound by Tommy Lindquist and Lucas Pedersen
Produced by YELLOWSHED & Reelworks

Visit YELLOWSHED for the movie clip!
www.yellowshed.com > Animation > Murphy's Shorts

Best Animation: Wildwood Film Festival
Audience Choice Award for Best Film in the Family Animation: Reno Film Festival

Film Festival Screenings:

2009 Oct. 26-Nov. 1  Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film (Leipzig, Germany)
2009 Oct. 22  Square Lake Solstice Film Festival (Stillwater, MN, US)
2009 Dec. 4  Minnesota Electronic Theatre (Minneapolis, MN, US)
2010 Feb. 22-28 Mar 1-7  Animac (Lleida, San Sebastian, Spain)
2010 Feb. 26  The Epiphany Children's Film Festival (NY, NY, US)
2010 Apr. 1-4  Dawson City Int'l Short Film Festival (Dawson City, Canada)
2010 Apr. 2-4  San Francisco Int'l Children's Film Festival (SF, CA, US)
2010 Apr. 9-11  Citrus Cel Animation Festival (Jacksonville, FL, US)
2010 Apr. 29-May 6  Los Angeles United Film Festival (LA, CA, US)
2010 Apr. 30-May 1  Wildwood Film Festival (Menasha, WI, US)
2010 May 5-10  360/365 George Eastman House Film Festival (Rochester, NY)
2010 Jun. 10-12  Foursite Film Festival (Ogden, UT, US)
2010 Jun. 10-13  Int'l Short Film Festival Detmold (Detmold, Germany)
2010 Jun. 13-20  Reno Film Festival (Reno, NV, US)
2010 Jun. 16-27  Edinburgh Int'l Film Festival (Scotland, UK)
2010 Jun. 22-26  Nickel Independent Film Festival (St. John’s, NL, Canada)
2010 Jun. 24-27  Detroit Windsor Int'l Film Festival (Detroit, MI, US)
2010 Jun. 27-Jul. 18  Jersey Shore Film Festival (Deal, NJ, US)
2010 Jul. 9-18  Long Island Int'l Film Expo (Long Island, NY, US)
2010 Jul. 15-Oct. 15  Kids First! Film Festival (Santa Fe, NM, US)
2010 Jul. 25-Aug. 15  San Diego Children's Film Festival (San Diego, CA, US)
2010 Aug. 11-15  Washougal Int'l Film Festival (Washougal, WA, US)
2010 Sep. 26- Oct. 3  SoCal Independent Film Festival (Huntington Beach, CA, US)
2010 Oct. 12-16  Biennail of Animation Bratislava (Bratislava, Slovakia)
2010 Oct. 13-17  Forum for Int'l Animation Stockholm (Stockholm, Sweden)
2010 Oct. 22-27  Banjaluka Int'l Animated Film Festival (Banjaluka, Bosna/Hercegovina) 
2010 Oct. 25-31  Tindirindis Int'l Animation Festival (Vilnius, Lithuania)
2010 Nov. 10-13  Red Stick Int'l Animation Festival (Baton Rouge, LA, US)
2010 Nov. 11-14  Cucalorus Film Festival (Wilmington, NC, US)
2010 Nov. 20-28  El Meu Primer Festival (Barcelona, Spain)
2010 Dec. 3-12  Int'l Festival of Animation Arts Multivision (St. Petersburg, Russia)
2010 Dec. 6-15  Animateka Int'l Animation Film Festival (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
2010 Dec. 16-19  Istanbul Animation Festival (Istanbul, Turkey)
2011 Jan. 28-Feb. 6  Seattle Int'l Children's Film Festival (Seattle, WA, US)
2011 Feb. 18-22  Providence Int'l Children's Film Festival (Providence, RI, US)
2011 Mar 2-6  Durango Independent Film Festival (Durango, CO, US)
2011 Mar.26 -Apr. 17  Redcat Int'l Children's Film Festival (LA, CA, US)
2011 Apr. 1-3  Wonder Con (SF, CA, US)
2011 Apr. 1-7  Animabasauri 7 Animabasque (Bilbao, Spain)
2011 Apr. 7-17  Sarasota Film Festival (Sarasota, FL, US)
2011 My 17-21  Barcelona Int'l FICTS Festival (Barcelona, Spain)
2011 June~  Little Big Shots (Sydney & traveling cities, Australia)
2011 Jul. 1-3  Fest Anca (Bratislava, Slovak Republic)  
2011 Jul. 30-Aug. 6  Woods Hole Film Festival (Woods Hole, MA, US)  
2011 Jul. 31-Aug. 6  Supertoon Festival (Zagreb, Croatia)
2011 Aug. 10  Martha's Vineyard Film Festival (Chilmark, MA, US)
2011 Aug. 11-13 Hyart Film Festival (Lovell, WY, US)
2011 Sep. 7-30  Mumia-Underground World Animation Festival (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)
2011 Nov. 4-13  Asheville Int'l Children's Film Festival (Asheville, NC, US)  

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