Spec Art 'Hunter'

Soyeon worked with her students, Jisoo Kim (above) and Steve Eat (below), to come up with these illustrations.


Yellowshed interview with psd tuts+

We had this wonderful opportunity to have an interview with Michelle Krasniak for the psd tuts+.
Here are the links to the interview:

Part 1, Todd Hemker: Art in Motion
Part 2, Soyeon Kim: Organic Designs, Handcrafted Motion

Thank you Michelle!


Miss You e-card

Animals seeing delicious things in clouds... makes me hungry.

To view or send the card:  www.americangreetings.com
Or preview it (HI-RESOLUTION!) here:  Smiling Thoughts

Valentines Day e-card

Here's a card that I got to co-direct and animate with the super talented Heather Dunn at American Greetings.   Heather designed all the characters and background elements (as well as doing the main character animation in Flash).  I did all the layout and compositing in After Effects.  Oh, what fun we had making the little love boats!  Plus, Mike Murray hits another home run with audio...

Thanks everyone at AG!  

To view or send the card: www.americangreetings.com
Or preview it here:  Happy Hearts


More Spec Work

Art Direction by Soyeon Kim
Illustration by Soyeon Kim & Steve Eat

Here are a few more spec pieces we submitted for the same commercial project.  


Spec Work

Designs by Todd Hemker

Here are a couple pieces we submitted for a commercial project recently.
We didn't get the job, but we had fun making these images...


Birthday e-card

More exciting e-card news... On this round, I teamed up with an old friend and colleague (Aaron Brudvig) at American Greetings to make this fun little birthday short.  The above image was something I doodled in Photoshop to get the ball rolling.  From there, it was a collaborative effort.  We worked out the details and went to town!  Special thanks to Mike Murray (once again) for his audio magic....  and to Julia Finley (our office manager) who gave us her hands (for the live action opening/ending)!  She had to hold that card up in the air for over an hour, and she never broke a sweat!

Cheers, and happy birthday to everyone at some point!

To view or send the card:  www.americangreetings.com
Or preview it here:  Delicious Wishes


Seasons Greetings e-card

Here's a style sample from my very first e-card - done (in a week and a half) for American Greetings!  This sample is pretty close to how the final looks and yes, that is an ice-skating brown bear in the background. However, I cannot speak to what the bear is really thinking about.

Thanks to everyone at American Greetings - who were all super supportive in the making of this card. A special thanks to Mike Murray and the audio guys, too, for working their magic... They even brought in an upright bass, to record live (which happens to be my favorite instrument EVER!).
Holiday Cheers,

To view or send the actual card: www.americangreetings.com
Or preview it here:  Seasons Greetings 


Monkey Business

We have always wanted to do an alphabet book... with various animals - and maybe little stories to go along with each letter.  Here's a photoshop sketch that Todd did recently...


Disney's World of Color!!!

This past year, I had the amazing opportunity to work on Disney's magical "World of Color" show (which opened this summer) through my friend Megan Brain. She was the designer / artist, whose talents were sought after to design the paper sculpture puppets used in the show! Under the guidance of Steven Davison (creative director), Sayre Wiseman (producer), and Megan, I acted as lead animator / animation director for these segments of the production.

The image above is the Cheshire Cat designed by Megan Brain! It served as the initial design that I was asked to animate as a test to get the job...  The direction I got was to "make it wacky!" (so you can be the judge).  Be sure to check out more of Megan's work at her website and blog (www.meganbrain.com) for more information about her and the "World of Color" experience.


Also: visit the Disney Site for more info about the show...


MCL Restaurant & Bakery 'Family'

Spot 2 of 2, "Family" for MCL Restaurant & Bakery
for the Indiana based restaurant, MCL Restaurant & Bakery.

Description of spot from the MCL facebook page: What is family? It's more than brothers and sisters.  It's your coworkers, your teammates, your Moose lodge brethren.  
No matter how you define family, MCL can feed them with Family-Style Catering.

View the spot at yellowshed under Animation

Directors/Designers/Animators: YELLOWSHED
Producer: Ross Woods
Production Company: Scofield Editorial
Agency / Creative Direction: Foundry Advertising

Film Festival Screenings:
Nov. 3-7  Holland Animation Festival (Utrecht, Netherlands)
Nov. 9-13  Bradford Animation Festival (Bradford, UK)
Nov. 9-14  Cinanima (Esphinho, Portugal)
Apr. 7-10  Cartoons on the Bay (Roma, Italy)
-Nominated for 'Pulcinella Awards'
Apr. 8-10  Citrus Cel Animation Festival (Jacksonville, FL, US)
Apr. 26- May 1  AniFest (Teplice, Czech Republic)
Jul. 20-26  Seoul Int'l Cartoon & Animation Festival (Seoul, Korea)
Jul. 15-24, 27-31 Anima Mundi (Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brazil)


MCL Restaurant & Bakery 'Noodle'

Our new 30 second spot, "Noodle" (#1 of 2)
for the Indiana based restaurant, MCL Restaurant & Bakery. A home-made noodle tells the story of a restaurant that's been making customers happy for 60 years!

Thanks to our producer Ross Woods and the agency team at Foundry for making this a super fun project to work on!

View the spot at yellowshed under Animation


Directors/Designers/Animators: YELLOWSHED
Producer: Ross Woods
Production Company: Scofield Editorial
Agency / Creative Direction: Foundry Advertising

Film Festival Screenings:
Nov. 3-7 Holland Animation Festival (Utrecht, Netherlands)
Nov. 9-14 Cinanima (Esphinho, Portugal)
Apr. 7-10  Cartoons on the Bay: International Panorama (Roma, Italy)
Apr. 26- May 1  AniFest (Teplice, Czech Republic)
Jul. 20-26  Seoul Int'l Cartoon & Animation Festival (Seoul, Korea)
Jul. 15-24, 27-31 Anima Mundi (Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brazil)


MCL Restaurant & Bakery 'Noodle' online

First spot for MCL Restaurant & Bakery, 'Noodle' 
is now on the main page of MCL Restaurant & Bakery's website.


a short animated film, 'Father and Sister'

An animated short by Soyeon Kim
More information can be found HERE

Production stills from 'Father and Sister'

A series of coincidental happenings at the church results in an unspeakable act of sin… Or not!

Director/Writer/Designer: Soyeon Kim
Animator: Soyeon Kim, Todd Hemker, Amanda Nelson, Aaron Dabelow
Editor: Todd Hemker
Music composer: Spencer Dorn
Producer: Soyeon Kim
Production studio: YELLOWSHED

Father and Sister: list of screenings

Best Animation: Jersey Shore Film Festival
Honorable mention: The 58th Columbus Int'l Film + Video Festival 
Golden Reel Award: Nevada Film Festival

Big Muddy Film Festival (Carbondale, MI, US) Feb. 19-28
Beverly Hills Short Film Festival (Beverly Hills, US) Mar. 18-21
Tiburon Int’l Film Festival (Tiburon, CA, US) Mar. 18-26
Edgemar Short Film Festival (Santa Monica, CA, US) Mar. 26-28
FirstGlance Film Fest Hollywood Online Contest (LA, CA, US) Apr. 7-May 19
Tallahassee Film Festival (Tallahassee, FL, US) Apr. 8-11
- Finalist in 'Best Animation' Award
Citrus Cel Animation Festival (Jacksonville, FL, US) Apr. 9-11
Humboldt Film Festival (Arcata, CA, US) Apr. 18-24
Memphis Int'l Film Fest (Memphis, TN, US) Apr. 22-25
Palm Beach Int'l Film Festival (Palm Beach, FL, US) Apr. 22-26
East Carolina Film Festival (Greenville, NC, US) Apr. 24-30
LA Asian Pacific Film Festival (LA, CA, US) Apr. 29-May 8
South Bend Film Festival (South Bend, IN, US) Apr. 30-May 1
The Connecticut Film Festival (Danbury, CT, US) May 4-9
Talking Pictures Festival (Evanston, IL, US) May 7-9
Tupelo Film Festival (Tupelo, MS, US) May 13-15
Twin Rivers Media Festival (Asheville, NC, US) May 28-30
Artfest Film Festival (Harrisburg, PA, US) May 28-31
Ohio Independent Film Festival (Cleveland, OH, US) Jun. 1-4
New Hope Film Festival (New Hope, PA, US) Jun. 21-27
Nickel Independent Film Festival (St. John's, Canada) Jun. 22-26
Jersey Shore Film Festival (Deal, NJ, US) Jun. 27-Jul. 18
Long Island Int'l Film Expo (Long Island, NY, US) Jul. 9-18
Gallery of Animation (Long Beach, CA, US) Jul. 15
Asian American Int'l Film Festival (NY, NY, US) Jul 15-24
Okanagan Int'l Film Festival (Kelowna, BC, Canada) Jul. 21-25
Woods Hole Film Festival (Woods Hole, MA, US) Jul. 31-Aug 7
Sacramento Film and Music Festival (Sacramento, CA, US) Aug. 6-15
Washougal Int'l Film Festival (Washougal, WA, US) Aug. 11-15
Landlocked Film Festival (Iowa City, IA, US) Aug. 26-29
Central Florida Film Festival (Orlando, FL, US) Sep. 3-6
The Rome Int'l Film Festival (Rome, GA, US) Sep. 10-11
Twini Mini Film Festival (Twinsburg, OH, US) Sep. 14
Maelstrom Int'l Fantastic Film Festival (Seattle, WA, US) Sep. 17-19
Commffest Community Film Festival (Toronto, Canada) Sep. 22-27
Great Lakes Int'l Film Festival (Erie, PA, US) Sep. 22-29
SoCal Independent Film Festival (Huntington Beach, CA, US) Sep. 26-Oct. 3
FirstGlance Film Fest Philadelphia Online Contest (Philadelphia, PA, US) Sep.-Oct.
San Diego Film Festival (San Diego, CA, US) Sep. 29- Oct. 3
Indie Ani-Fest (Seoul, Korea) Sep. 30-Oct. 5
GIAA Festival of Short Films & Videos (Manhattan, NY, US) Oct. 1-3
Kansas Int'l Film Festival (Overland Park, KS, US) Oct. 1-7
Eugene Int'l Film Festival (Eugene, OR, US) Oct. 7-10
Tacoma Film Festival (Tacoma, WA, US) Oct. 7-14
DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival (Washington D.C, US) Oct. 7-16
New Orleans Film Festival (New Orleans, LA, US) Oct. 14-21
Santa Fe Independent Film Festival (Santa Fe, NM, US) Oct. 19-24
Hollywood Film Festival (Beverly Hills, CA, US) Oct. 22-25
Tindirindis International Animation Festival (Vilnius, Lithuania) Oct. 25-31
Directors Circle Festival of Shorts (Erie, PA, US) Nov. 8-12
-Nominated for the 'Best Animation' Award
Poppy Jasper Film Festival (Morgan Hill, CA, US) Nov. 12-14
Columbus Int'l Film + Video Festival (Columbus, OH, US) Nov. 16-21
Istanbul Animation Festival (Istanbul, Turkey) Dec. 16-19
Animacall (Thessaloniki, Greece) Mar. 30-May 1
Animabasauri 7 Animabasque (Bilbao, Spain) Apr. 1-7
San Francisco International Women's Film Festival Online (San Francisco, CA, US) Apr. 6-10
Herning Int'l Short Film Festival (Herning, Denmark) May 13
Seoul Int'l Cartoon and Animation Festival (Seoul, Korea) Jul. 20-24
Hyart Film Festival (Lovell, WY, US) Aug. 11-13
Mumia-Underground World Animation Festival (Belo Horizonte, Brazil) Sep. 7-30