MCL Restaurant & Bakery 'Noodle'

Our new 30 second spot, "Noodle" (#1 of 2)
for the Indiana based restaurant, MCL Restaurant & Bakery. A home-made noodle tells the story of a restaurant that's been making customers happy for 60 years!

Thanks to our producer Ross Woods and the agency team at Foundry for making this a super fun project to work on!

View the spot at yellowshed under Animation


Directors/Designers/Animators: YELLOWSHED
Producer: Ross Woods
Production Company: Scofield Editorial
Agency / Creative Direction: Foundry Advertising

Film Festival Screenings:
Nov. 3-7 Holland Animation Festival (Utrecht, Netherlands)
Nov. 9-14 Cinanima (Esphinho, Portugal)
Apr. 7-10  Cartoons on the Bay: International Panorama (Roma, Italy)
Apr. 26- May 1  AniFest (Teplice, Czech Republic)
Jul. 20-26  Seoul Int'l Cartoon & Animation Festival (Seoul, Korea)
Jul. 15-24, 27-31 Anima Mundi (Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brazil)


MCL Restaurant & Bakery 'Noodle' online

First spot for MCL Restaurant & Bakery, 'Noodle' 
is now on the main page of MCL Restaurant & Bakery's website.