Disney's World of Color!!!

This past year, I had the amazing opportunity to work on Disney's magical "World of Color" show (which opened this summer) through my friend Megan Brain. She was the designer / artist, whose talents were sought after to design the paper sculpture puppets used in the show! Under the guidance of Steven Davison (creative director), Sayre Wiseman (producer), and Megan, I acted as lead animator / animation director for these segments of the production.

The image above is the Cheshire Cat designed by Megan Brain! It served as the initial design that I was asked to animate as a test to get the job...  The direction I got was to "make it wacky!" (so you can be the judge).  Be sure to check out more of Megan's work at her website and blog (www.meganbrain.com) for more information about her and the "World of Color" experience.


Also: visit the Disney Site for more info about the show...