Birthday e-card

More exciting e-card news... On this round, I teamed up with an old friend and colleague (Aaron Brudvig) at American Greetings to make this fun little birthday short.  The above image was something I doodled in Photoshop to get the ball rolling.  From there, it was a collaborative effort.  We worked out the details and went to town!  Special thanks to Mike Murray (once again) for his audio magic....  and to Julia Finley (our office manager) who gave us her hands (for the live action opening/ending)!  She had to hold that card up in the air for over an hour, and she never broke a sweat!

Cheers, and happy birthday to everyone at some point!

To view or send the card:  www.americangreetings.com
Or preview it here:  Delicious Wishes


Seasons Greetings e-card

Here's a style sample from my very first e-card - done (in a week and a half) for American Greetings!  This sample is pretty close to how the final looks and yes, that is an ice-skating brown bear in the background. However, I cannot speak to what the bear is really thinking about.

Thanks to everyone at American Greetings - who were all super supportive in the making of this card. A special thanks to Mike Murray and the audio guys, too, for working their magic... They even brought in an upright bass, to record live (which happens to be my favorite instrument EVER!).
Holiday Cheers,

To view or send the actual card: www.americangreetings.com
Or preview it here:  Seasons Greetings 


Monkey Business

We have always wanted to do an alphabet book... with various animals - and maybe little stories to go along with each letter.  Here's a photoshop sketch that Todd did recently...