Some Character Design...

...some character development for a project in the works.


Birthday Birdies

When American Greetings contracted designer Lauren Alane to make some of her felted birds for their site, I jumped at the chance to put together an animated version!  Check out her website to see some of the cutest little critters ever:  www.laurenalane.com

Lauren supplied us with all the designs, and her husband Joey took care of the photography.  Everything was shot from various angles and brought into After Effects to create a stop-motion type hybrid animation.

Click here to see it properly on the Am. Greetings site:  Chirpy Birthday
Or check it out here in HD on Vimeo:  Bigger Chirpy


Animation Test...

This is an animation test I did for a pitch. I photographed a 180 degree turnaround of this sock puppet (made by Jenn Branch) and did the rest in After Effects. It was fun new technique to try out...

Click here to see the result of this experiment:  Sock Puppet!


I've always loved silhouette puppet animation, so I was really excited when American Greetings assigned me this piece!  It started with a short story written by Ken Gilroy at Am. Greetings... which I adapted into a little short for Halloween.  Here are some stills (and designs) from the project (visually influenced by one of my favorite animation artists, Lotte Reineger)...  I kind of ran out of time at the end, so there are a few shots that aren't quite done - but it seems to hold up ok.

Preview or send the card here:  American Greetings
Or for the full resolution experience: Halloween Silhouette