I've always loved silhouette puppet animation, so I was really excited when American Greetings assigned me this piece!  It started with a short story written by Ken Gilroy at Am. Greetings... which I adapted into a little short for Halloween.  Here are some stills (and designs) from the project (visually influenced by one of my favorite animation artists, Lotte Reineger)...  I kind of ran out of time at the end, so there are a few shots that aren't quite done - but it seems to hold up ok.

Preview or send the card here:  American Greetings
Or for the full resolution experience: Halloween Silhouette


Arthur Gorissen said...

This is just awesome!
Really like it!
Great detail in your work, love the colour and the softness of the backgrounds.

- Arthur

Anonymous said...

Beautifully put together. These characters have such a cool flat shadow puppet look but the environment has so much depth. Like the combo.

Lynne Mitchell said...

You should be doing children's book apps! I'm in complete love with this. I'll have to go send this ecard to myself!

Diane Aarts said...

This is awesome! They're all beautiful, great job! :)