Happy New Year

Here are some designs/layouts for a New Years card at American Greetings.  I worked with Jenna Bors -- who did an amazing job adapting and helping to animate these graphic treatments into a 3D environment (in Maya)...
Music from Nicole Atkins and The Black Sea.

You can view or send the card by clicking HERE:  "A wish for the new year"
Or check out a high-resolution version here:  "A bigger wish for the new year"


....more Merry Christmas

Here's another Christmas piece that was just released -- and I was thrilled to be able to work on it with my friend, Michelle Tessier (a super talented and versatile illustrator/animator/storyteller)!  I designed the characters a few months back, and she worked out the rest!  T'was a big sigh of relief for me - since we were overbooked on creating new holiday content at Am. Greetings.  Also - many thanks to Steve Belfer, my art director at AG (and mutual colleague of Michelle), for bringing her on board...  we couldn't have done this without her...

Check out more of Michelle's work here: michelletessier.blogspot.com
View or send the card here:  American Greetings