A couple of stills from Soyeon's new film, 'Ahco'
It is expected to be released on Spring 2013.



We're counting down the days for our next trip to Colorado...


October 8th

A quickie doodle for Dottie, to mark the date when we first got together 13 years ago...  October 8th, 1999 - there was a full moon and we sat on this hill, talking all night long.  We didn't have the doggies yet, but they all know this hill (since we take them there every once in a while).


Christmas 2012

Here are a couple of stills and some designs for a holiday piece that I just finished for bluemountain.com


Happy Halloween - 2012!

I got to work with Bryan Martin, an old colleague and friend, on this latest piece for American Greetings.  He designed and I animated...  and it was a super fun collaboration!
Click here to see the original version...
Click here to see it at www.americangreetings.com


Illustrations for an upcoming card...

Here are some design doodles from my first card for bluemountain.com.



Zippy brings Darby a new friend... a 4 year old Border Collie named Topaz.


Zippy - Aug. 13, 2012

Rest in peace, dear friend and guardian angel... we love you and miss you!


Chick Returns

These little guys were originally used in an Easter card...  and recently made their way into a birthday adaptation.  It was a bit of a challenge, since I was only assigned 4 days to do the whole thing... so it was a good exercise in learning how to manage my time wisely.  That said, I suppose I failed... since it took me 5 days.

Preview or send the card here:  Birthday Peep


Fake wooden toy

Here's another little critter that I found in the archives... that I'd like to make into something one of these days.  I made this for a pitch and presented it in a corporate meeting as "Beaver on wood"... without realizing what I was saying.  Oops.


Wooden Toys

I found these the other day, and was reminded of a time when I used to actually "make" stuff...  (vs. sitting in front of a computer all day/night).  If only I had a few more power tools... I could make things again!

The elephant is "Ahco"... an early mock-up of Soyeon's character (based on her design drawings) who will be featured in her upcoming film. The dog is "Ruby," a boxer I used to dog-sit for.  I gave it to the owner as a gift. I made both of these in 1999... time really flies!


Father's Day 2012

Some stills (in no particular order) from a father's day piece I just finished at American Greetings... It's pretty limited animation, but I had a lot of fun with the design.

A character design that I liked... it uses a scan of one of Soyeon's dresses.

Preview the card here:  Father's Day


Spec Work...


Soyeon's new illustrations

Here are a few illustrations that I recently made.
I am trying to get back to my painting root.  The process of making these illustrations also brought me several new ideas for the experimental films that I am developing...


Chick Frenzy

Another super frenzied turn-around piece (for Easter).  ...though I love it when I get to design and animate doodle-y birds.

Preview it at American Greetings here:  Favorite Peeps
Or check out the little doodle experiment that I did to get this project: Chick

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

... a still from a super quick turnaround St. Patrick's Day e-card.  I concepted, directed, and designed the card (as well as doing the 2D animation).  Text design by Paulina Hernandez.  3D book animation by Jenna Bors.

Take a look:  Top o' the Mornin'


Spec work...

Here is some new artwork by Soyeon... a style frame she put together for a potential tv spot.  More to come...