Wooden Toys

I found these the other day, and was reminded of a time when I used to actually "make" stuff...  (vs. sitting in front of a computer all day/night).  If only I had a few more power tools... I could make things again!

The elephant is "Ahco"... an early mock-up of Soyeon's character (based on her design drawings) who will be featured in her upcoming film. The dog is "Ruby," a boxer I used to dog-sit for.  I gave it to the owner as a gift. I made both of these in 1999... time really flies!


Father's Day 2012

Some stills (in no particular order) from a father's day piece I just finished at American Greetings... It's pretty limited animation, but I had a lot of fun with the design.

A character design that I liked... it uses a scan of one of Soyeon's dresses.

Preview the card here:  Father's Day