Wooden Toys

I found these the other day, and was reminded of a time when I used to actually "make" stuff...  (vs. sitting in front of a computer all day/night).  If only I had a few more power tools... I could make things again!

The elephant is "Ahco"... an early mock-up of Soyeon's character (based on her design drawings) who will be featured in her upcoming film. The dog is "Ruby," a boxer I used to dog-sit for.  I gave it to the owner as a gift. I made both of these in 1999... time really flies!


Toys for Toddler said...

Wooden toys are so wonderful for our kids. They are nostalgic for the parents and wholesome for the kids! It's amazing what imaginative play comes from our toddlers when given wooden toys. It's imperative to their learning and creativity.
Cool items...thank you for sharing.

Todd Hemker said...

Thanks, Toys for Toddler! We totally agree... and it's a great reminder to creatives everywher!

Saeko Igarashi said...

These toys are really cool!! I like them a lot. I hope you find time to make more of them :D
Btw, I saw this chair in LACMA the other day and thought about you two. Isn't this a perfect thing?http://blog.modernica.net/?p=22797