Some character sketches for a St. Patricks day card-
...and the final artwork-


Some various holiday greetings for 2013...


Some production design for an upcoming project.



Some stills from a new Anniversary card for Am. Greetings.
Click here to view of send the card:  Fox Song
or here to see it at a higher resolution:  Larger Fox Song


A couple of stills from a pitch.  We didn't get the job, but it was fun to make some new illustrations.  It was also a super short turnaround, so we got a little help from our friend, Vanessa Sweet.  She designed the Santa character on the bottom image.  Thanks, VEE

A couple of stills from a 2013 holiday greeting.
Click here to view or send the card:  AG Christmas
Or here to view at a higher resolution: Larger AG Christmas


...an old drawing I found.  On a rock climbing/camping trip with old friends Dave Hedlund and Bronwyn Collins...


Thinking of you...

A personalized "Thinking of you" greeting...

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Or here for a higher resolution...


Dog doodle...

...a doodle that I did of one of the dogs in-between takes from a live-action video production at Am. Greetings.  My role was to help supervise the shoot with regard to compositing the piece afterward... 

Here is the list of dogs that I can remember:
1. Popeye (the dog I doodled)
2. Uggie (the star of the piece)
3. Tupelo (the creative director's doggie - Jenn Branch)
4. Uggie's stand in
5. Penny (our office manager's doggie - Julia Finley Mosca)
6. Beatrix (our production coorinator's doggie - Jennifer Hammond - aka "Hammy")
7. Murphy (our production assistant's doggie - Brett McDermid)
8. Jumpy


Birthday Greetings

Some stills from a new birthday greeting for Am. Greetings...


Ahco on the Road

Ahco is finally here!  It all started with Soyeon's first draft storyboard back in 1997, followed by a production that took place (on and off) until now.  It was a long road!  Thanks to everyone for the generous support and help along the way.

You can check out more on the production of this film at Soyeon's blog: soyeonkim-yellowshed.blogspot.com

Ahco On The Road from YELLOWSHED on Vimeo.


Here are a bunch of design concepts and sketches from a web commercial we did back in October.  In developing and producing the piece, we worked with the super talented team of Ethan Clarke, Jisoo Kim, Steve Eat, and Maxwell Vann (on audio)...


New film, 'Ahco on the Road' is getting very close to its release. All the video composite is done, and we are waiting for the music and sound for its final compilation... 


Maya Room Assignment

A modeling/lighting/texturing assignment for intro Maya class.  We're at week 6... just starting to learn rigging/skeleton basics...  It's fun, but a lot of information to take in. 


It's probably about a month away to complete the film, 'Ahco'.
Here are a few still images from the last Crocodile sequence of the film.

Still images from  'Ahco' in production


Some rough sketches from an early concept pitch... and a work in progress 3D model that I'm building as part of an excercise for my Maya class.



Father's Day 2013 for American Greetings.
See a preview of the animation here:  A Special Dad


Ox and Dog

Happy New (Lunar) Year:
Todd was born in the year of Dog, and Soyeon in the year of Ox... (based on Chinese Zodiac)
Todd, Darby, Topaz riding along on the back of Soyeon

Ahco and Croco