Darby - Dec. 27, 2014
We are so lucky to have had you in our lives...   Thank you for the great memories, friendship, and adventures!  Rest in peace, dear friend... you were a sweet and gentle soul.  We miss you and love you with all our hearts!

"And when your sorrow is comforted (time soothes all sorrows) you will be content that you have known me.  You will always be my friend."   (Antione De Saint-Exupery)


Happy Holidays 2014


quick doodle

...taking a break from work... watching our oldest dog, Darby, entertain himself with a tennis ball (his favorite thing).


Michael Bolton!

...a couple of months ago - I got to go back to the Am. Greetings studio in L.A. to build a set for an upcoming piece that will feature Michael Bolton!  I can't give away any details, but here are a few images...  I'm really looking forward to seeing/hearing how this all turned out.  It should be pretty funny.  Everything was concepted and designed by Gracie Greenbaum, Berv (Aaron Vattano), and Jenn Branch...  my 'ol creative comrades!


I forgot about this little critter, too!  It was an owl design I made several years ago - and my friend, Jenna Bors Jaillet, did an amazing job turning it into a 3D model.   I've been wanting to animate it ever since...


I just dug up these old paper cutouts that I had made in school (for my very first animation waaaaay back in the day)...thinking about making a hanging mobile out of them.  There were a dozen, or so, different characters... and I turned a couple of my favorites into these animated GIF's...


I don't usually get storyboard assignments for live-action shoots, so this was a really fun opportunity to do so (for American Greetings)...

Here is a link to the final video:  Birthday Video
It's somewhat interactive, so you have to click on a few things before previewing...


a quick doodle to capture a rare moment:  our two crazy dogs sleeping peacefully next to one another...


Anniversary Greeting

Some stills and production art from an animated piece that I just finished for Am. Greetings.  Click here to see the video:  Bike For Two

Originally, the characters were going to be raccoons...



I'm supposed to be working...  but sometimes my mind gets distracted from the task at hand.  In this case, DEVO ("Uglatto") came up in my itunes... so I found myself making a devo-doodle (devoodle?).   Now... back to work!


Belated Greeting

A super short turnaround belated birthday greeting done in a "story-book" style...

Click here:  Belated B-day



A rejected character design and deleted scene from a storyboard... 



We just finished this commercial for NIPSCO (Northern Indiana Public Service Co.) with producer Ross Woods at Scofield Editorial.  It was a really fun project with a great message about things you "shouldn't do blind"...  to raise awareness about calling NIPSCO's 881 number before you go off digging in your yard.

Click here to view the project:  'Don't Dig Blind'


...some samples from a live-action composite hybrid type piece that I just finished working on for Am. Greetings.  It was really fun, since I got to design and build the sets - as well as doing the compositing.  I'll post more details (and a link to the video) once the piece goes live.


...waiting for Soyeon to come home!



old spec work